Tincture of Time

Limerence  April 2011

​​Solo Exhibition


Unloved garments, condemned by a careless stain, languishing in a pile of recycled misfits.

Espied and lovingly deconstructed, quick unpicked, stitch by stitch and bathed in a bath of pungent healing eucalyptus.

New life in frames...proud and worthy

A Common Thread

Acme et al  August 2011



Group Textile Exhibition



Felting         Gayle Burgess

Spinning       Janet Knoop

Weaving      Anne Churches

Knitting        Brigitte Haldemann

Crochet         Elma Morgan

Embroidery   Kerry Robertson

Beading        Lynne McDonald

Lace Making Meg & Alice Lowery

Embroidery   Kaye Adolphson

Eco-print       Jude Craig





Journeys In, Journeys Out

Burrinja  April 2012



Collaboration with Juet Sculpture



Fusing metal and fabrics in response to the ideas in Gulliver's Travels. 

Three individuals, three minds with the challenge to explore perspective, scale and stare into The Giant's Eye




Open Studios

Bye-ways (my studio)



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