An Introduction to Eco-Printing


 This is a one-day workshops, which can be held at my studio, Atelier Bye-ways, in the Dandenong ranges or at a venue nearer you. We will explore the art of natural dyeing, using locally sourced plant materials. Eco-dyeing is a fun and serendipitous art with many applications.

  • which fabrics dye well and why.

  • how to get dye from natural sources.

  • how to mordant (fix) the dye to the cloth.


​Most importantly you will gain the confidence and wisdom to continue experimenting at home.


​Workshops cost $125 and are hosted at Atelier Bye-Ways in Upwey, Victoria.


Workshops run throughout the year.

For further information or to express interest, email me at



Thank you for visiting me at Lost Trades fair in Kyneton 2019.

I am now starting to schedule workshop dates.....

Please email me directly if you would like to suggest a date.

I am also happy to travel to teach if you have at least 3 participants








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